Duncan Hill

  • 08/21/2019
  • Posted by TLP Admin

Duncan Hill – Specialist Pharmacist in Substance Misuse – NHS Lanarkshire


“I had the pleasure of attending a pharmacist Leadership and management programmethat Tom had developed and was delivering.

Tom was a fantastic trainer, his style and delivery of training to a diverse group of pharmacists of differing experiences and levels was excellent. He not only delivered the training to a phenomenally high standard, he involved and engaged all the participants, bringing the group together and facilitated an excellent training course but also a new network of pharmacists on the course, and that has been sustained by the attendees after the course has finished.

Tom was able to flex the content to suit the audience incredibly easily and listened to the participants when other issues and support was requested. The skills Tom has taught the group will be highly useful in the future and a major part of the success for the program is due to Tom’s style and approach and the techniques he has used. Tom on the training days would always have time and be willing to discuss any individual issues and provide safe, sound advice.

As a group we looked forward to the training sessions and the “safe” environment he created where the group could explore and discuss matters which could be sensitive and personal but he would also be able to provide advice and direction on resolution of issues, encouraging candidates to all contribute

The bespoke coaching and training Tom offered as well as his approachable style proved to be invaluable in the participant’s development and enjoyment. Tom certainly got the best participation and interest from the group.

Since completing the course I have had the need to seek advice from Tom on a few occasions on different topics and the advice and support provided has been excellent every time. I am definitely fortunate to have been able to attend the course with a trainer / mentor / coach like Tom and have learnt many skills and techniques that would not be offered elsewhere in the NHS. Tom has been 1 in a million with regards to the training and development support he offered the group and myself.”