Michelle Hutton

Position : P.A.

Michelle is an experienced P.A. with years of experience in pharma, the NHS and legal sector.

Michelle will often be your first point of contact when you call our office. She knows exactly where to direct your enquiry and is very protective of Tom and the teams time, so expect to be quizzed before being redirected and don’t bother cold calling to sell us something we don’t need. Michelle eats cold callers for breakfast!

Michelle says her greatest challenge is reminding Tom of where he needs to be and when he needs to be there! Fortunately she is extremely good at this!

In addition to this, Michelle is responsible for:

  • Booking and arranging travel, transport and accommodation.
  • Organising events and conferences.
  • Typing, compiling and preparing reports, presentations and correspondence.
  • Managing databases and filing systems.
  • Implementing and maintaining procedures/administrative systems.
  • Liaising with staff, suppliers and clients.

In her spare time Michelle is a keen gardener and walker, a doting grandmother and a fanatical Liverpool fan!