March 22

  • 03/14/2022
  • Posted by TLP Admin

March was a special month for TLP as we officially launched our new partnership with Carden Park and STAR development to run their new High Performance Leadership Centre.


We’ve been working behind the scenes on this for several months now and finally seeing this amazing partnership come to fruition is amazing!

Carden Park is one of the U.K.’s finest country park hotels. With award winning facilities such as its spa, 2 golf course and new high ropes course, it truly is an inspiring venue.

Our clients that will be visiting Carden Park will be able to take advantage of excellent classroom and outdoor training facilities.

In addition to bespoke training events we will also be offering open access courses, starting in October 2021.

We were also delighted to welcome our first clients, PicRights, to Carden park for 2 days of team development. PicRights will be returning to us (and Carden park) in September and in between times we are supporting the team with 1:1 coaching.